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little balance box Promotes Safe and Natural Walking for a Healthy Baby

Invented by Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT the little balance box™ is a new approach to facilitate coordination, balance and walking skills in children.  Now you can relax and watch as your child safely and independently walks around your home.  This natural eco-friendly bamboo, PBA and PVC free product is designed to be used indoors on all floor surfaces (including carpet, wood and tile) without causing damage to the floor.  The patent pending gliding feet (no wheels) with springs compress to stabilize the little balance box as the child transitions from sitting and standing positions.  The unique foot design also ensures your child will not move too fast on tile and wood surfaces, as commonly seen with wheeled walkers.


What is the top surface made of?  Clear polycarbonate (BPA and PCV free!).  Polycarbonate is the material that is used in the face protection area of helmets.  This material is very strong and is 250 times more resistant to cracks and breakeage.  Your child will love tapping on it and hearing the percussive drum sound!


Is the square shape safe?  Yes the little balance box meets and exceeds the safety standards in US, Canada and Europe.  The edges are all hand sanded to ensure optimum safety.  The square shape also allows a large surface area for your child to place their hands and forearms to hold and control the little balance box.Motor-City-Cleaning-Family-Owned-and-Operated

Can the little balance box be used for a table? Yes that is one of the great things about the little balance box!  It has a dual function to be used as a toddler table.  No chair needed!!  It is the perfect size for a toddler to sit on the floor and have the top surface at a table height.


How do I put it together?  The little balance box comes partially assembled with four screws, a screwdriver and an instruction manual.  The little balance box has everything you need and can be assembled in 5 minutes or less!!

usa-logo_trade-gothic-squareWhere can I purchase? To avoid a defective or counterfeit product make sure to purchase the Little Balance Box at one of the following authorized retailers:

The Little Balance Box official website

Amazon, Authorized Sellers: LittleBalanceBox and Apple Green Baby