We made it inside The Baby Guy Box!

We are very excited to announce that we made it inside The Baby Guy Box! Look for the Little Balance Box inside the October 2015 Eco Box!!! The box went out to 1,100 people, so order yours today before we run out!babyguy

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The Little Balance BoxTM has everyone talking!

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Emily’s Review: The writer at EmilyReviews.com loves the Little Balance Box and said her daughter is really enjoying it! Check out her review online.
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Parent Guide: ParentGuide News (10,000 UVPM) has posted their online contest/giveaway featuring the Little Balance Box. It’s cross-promoted on social media and included in the email newsletter (1,000 subscribers).
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Jen’s List: JensList.com posted about the Little Balance Box online and in her email newsletter which is sent to 18,000 subscribers.
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Vitality Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in the August/September Issue of Vitality Magazine. Find it on page 20, in the Lifestyle section “For the Grandkids”.