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Dr. Shannon PT Speaking Sessions

Dr. Shannon PT had a lot to say during 2018! This year, get ready to continue learning about important topics such as child development, the right selections in baby gear, child motor and sensory skills, the importance of play, and take-home tips. If you are heading to any of these shows in 2019, make sure […]

The Importance of Baby Mobility

Check out our new blog post featured in the Best of Bump Club Expert Advice section! Click on the link to read and share! http://www.bumpclubandbeyond.com/2017/04/07/importance-baby-mobility/

Say no to W sitting

Nurture your baby’s growth and development this holiday season. Encourage them to sit with criss crossed legs or side sit while playing on the floor with all their new toys! A baby often develops a tendency to W sit early on due to crawling and kneeling with the knees positioned outside of the hips. Prolonged […]

Comparison of Walking Devices

My baby is standing and ready to walk.  There are so many choices, which one should I choose? Let us take a look: Seated walkers and exercisers.  For these options you are able to lift your baby and place them in a seat that is surrounded by an outer frame.  This way your baby can […]

Toe Walking vs Heel to Toe Walking

Toe walking is a common occurrence in toddlers.  As the baby grows and develops, their walking technique should normalize.  A normal walking pattern includes the heel strike as a step is taken.  Then, as the toddler places their foot flat their body weight transitions over their foot.  The final stage occurs as the heel begins […]

Container Baby or Safe Baby? Do you know the difference?

As a mother and physical therapist I loved having options for my babies to use while I was running around the house trying to get things done.  I often relayed on baby gear to keep my baby in place.  However, I quickly realized I was actually hindering my baby’s development and growth.  When a baby […]