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Buyers Review:  I also had my product reviewed by a small boutique buyer and large box retail buyer to determine if there was a place for my product in the retail world. My reviews were so high that I earned the Buyerly Approval seal of approval!

Actual Quotes from the two buyers who reviewed this product: Question: Given what you have read about this product, what do you like about this product idea?

Buyer 1, Answer: “I love that this product has been perfectly engineered to solve for misses that are inherent in all baby/toddler walkers on the market. Most walkers in the toy aisle are marketed primarily as toys, and secondarily as development products to assist baby with pulling up, standing and walking. This is a great and very clear differentiator. In all my years as a toy Buyer, I haven’t seen anything similar to this product. ”

Buyer 2 Answer: “I think that the company is pursuing a patent for its technology is one of its biggest competitive advantages. To me that signifies that it is a unique product that is substantially different from anything else on the market. Having patented technology also carries with it the authority of being a well-researched and well-designed product. “