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Head shotDr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT
Physical therapist, inventor of the Little Balance Box™, CEO, mother and military wife. Little Balance Box™, independent mobility for a healthy child.

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The Little Balance Box™ has everyone talking!

Check out what bloggers and parents have to say about the Little Balance Box™.

The Simple Moms: A mom from The Simple Moms loved the Little Balance Box so much that she blogged about it, saying that “it makes a great place to drum (because LOUD noises) and lets him stand in once place or slowly cruise around.”

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Sacramento Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in their 2016 Babies and Bumps event prizes list.

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Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in their January 2016 issue on page 35.

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Twins Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in their Holiday 2015 Gift Guide Edition on page 27.

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Mirror Moms Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

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A Child Grows in Brooklyn: The Little Balance Box was featured in their Parenting Articles section. The author writes she is very happy with the Little Balance Box, she mentions “My own ten month old son loves his, and has been walking around with it for a good month now.”

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Parenting A mother wrote about her thoughts on the Little Balance Box, saying that “from the size to grip and sensing the child’s weight distribution from pulling themselves up to sitting back down, the Little Balance Box is flawlessly designed.”

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Vitality Magazine: The Little Balance Box was featured in the August/September Issue of Vitality Magazine. Find it on page 20, in the Lifestyle section “For the Grandkids”. The Little Balance Box was featured in the Special Mentions: Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2015.

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Green Baby Guide: A writer for the Green Baby Guide wrote about the Little Balance Box and how its helping her baby walk. She said “My daughter can easily pull herself up to standing using the frame for leverage, and can either use the frame or top to push it forward.”

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Parent Guide News: ParentGuide News posted their online contest/giveaway featuring the Little Balance Box™ on social media and in the email newsletter. From the author: “The Little Balance Box™ gives peace of mind as it helps babies learn how to transition from sitting to kneeling, standing and walking.”

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Emily’s Review: The writer at loves the Little Balance Box™ and said her daughter is really enjoying it! This is what she had to say about the the Little Balance Box™ “I really like the fact that the Little Balance Box assists our daughter while still giving her the freedom of movement.  She doesn’t need to be confined to a contraption to have the support she needs while practicing walking and she is loving every second!”

Please check out her full review online at:

Watch her daughter use the Little Balance Box™ like a pro on Youtube:

Jen’s List: posted about the Little Balance Box online and in her email newsletter. Some of her thoughts: “A brand new sustainable solution offering babies stability and support moving into each new stage on-the-go.”

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