Container Baby or Safe Baby? Do you know the difference?

As a mother and physical therapist I loved having options for my babies to use while I was running around the house trying to get things done.  I often relayed on baby gear to keep my baby in place.  However, I quickly realized I was actually hindering my baby’s development and growth.  When a baby is strapped in or on something they are limited in their abilities to practice their motor skills.  Yes, the arms and legs are moving around.  But whole body coordinated movements are not occurring.

A “container baby” surrounded by baby gear appears safe.  However, a baby restricted multiple times a day and/or for prolonged periods of time has limited opportunity to practice their coordinated whole body movements.   The decreased practice opportunities can lead to delays in growth and development.  Therefore, a “safe baby” is a baby who has developed the strength, endurance and coordination to scoot, crawl and walk safely in their environment.

Shannon Davis PT, DPT