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Using the Little Balance Box

We’ve put together various educational videos available to watch on our Youtube Channel. Topics cover assembly, introducing the Little Balance Box to your child, to other educational tips by Dr. Shannon, PT.

What is the recommended age?

The Little Balance Box can start as early as 6 months with adults hands-on assistance. In the early stages of the Little Balance Box, we suggest parents or caregivers help the child to get familiar with the Little Balance Box until they are ready to use independently.

Do you have a model for taller kids?
Yes. We do have a model for taller kiddos, available in the 14″ inch. However, 95% of children fall into the original size at 12″. The Tall Little Balance Box (14 inch) is for those kiddos in the 95% percentile of height. The Little Balance Box should hit the child’s waist.

What material is the top?
The Little Balance Box® does not contain a glass top. Its clear top is made of polycarbonate, the same material used on motorcycle helmets. It is completely crash tested.

What about the corners?
All baby products have corners. That being said, the Little Balance Box® has very minimal corners that have all been carefully sanded down. Also, The Little Balance Box has been thoroughly safety tested by an accredited lab here in the United States.

Can the table tip over and hurt my child?
The Little Balance Box® was invented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a mom, it was also checked by engineers and tested by an accredited lab here in the United States. The Little Balance Box® trapezoidal shape prevents tipping and it has a very low profile. So if it were to tip over, the table side would fall in a child’s lap. Not affecting or injuring the head.

What makes this product different than others on the market?
Other products on the market have a very high profile, depending on a bar for a child to hold. The problem with these walkers is that the child must already be able to stand in order to use it. With the Little Balance Box®, the child starts in a sitting position, using the table and the springs on the feet to stand and stabilize. Then the child proceeds to push and eventually to walk. Hence our slogan, “Sit. Stand. Push. Walk.” Other great features of the Little Balance Box is that it has a clear top that allows the child to watch his/her feet and make a connection. It also makes a percussive sound that children love to tap on! Lastly, when the child has mastered walking skills, the Little Balance Box® can be used as a toddler table that is low profile. No need pull chairs in and out, just sit on the floor and use! With the raised edge, the Little Balance Box is the perfect activity and snack table because it keep small items in place.

Do the feet have wheels?
The feet do not have wheels, in fact they are pure nylon with springs. This way, the Little Balance Box® doesn’t go too fast. Creating a drag mechanism that aids a child to control the speed.

What type of material are the feet made of?
The feet are made of pure nylon. They won’t scratch yours floors. Because of the nylon feet instead of the traditional wheels, the Little Balance Box® glides easily on all surfaces.

Can it be used on tile, carpet and wood?
The Little Balance Box® can be used on any surface. It will easily transition from tile or wood to carpet.

Will it scratch my floor?
Because the feet are made of pure nylon they won’t scratch your floors, as long as they are clean.

Can it be used outdoors?
The Little Balance Box® must only be used indoors, on leveled surfaces. Outdoor use is not recommended.

Can my child use it as a chair?
The Little Balance Box® is not recommended as a chair, stool or any sort of sitting surface.

Is it easy to assemble?
Assembly is quick and easy. The Little Balance Box® comes in 5 pieces, with screws and a screwdriver. For the most part, it takes about 5 minutes to assemble. Click Here to Watch Easy Assembly Instructions

What is the material used?
The Little Balance Box® is made with all-natural, eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo.

How do I clean it?
Since bamboo is a grass not a wood, in order to prevent damage to the integrity of the bamboo it is recommended to be cleaned with non-harsh chemicals.

Do you ship worldwide?
We currently ship to continental U.S only.

International orders: Please contact us for a shipping quote. International orders placed without contacting us for a shipping quote will be put on hold and a separate shipping charge will be sent via paypal. Once shipping charge is received the order will be shipped out. International orders may be subject to processing and handling fees. If additional fees apply, they will be noted on the international shipping quote.