First time user at the Kids Expo-Up walking in minutes!!

Expo video 01

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  1. Nicole Clowers
    Nicole Clowers says:

    I saw this Little balance box for the first time at the kids expo. I actually seen it on the KUSI news the morning of the expo and went to the expo just to check out this new creation for my little guy. He was 6.5 months at the time and with some help from mom was able to stand holding on to the table. My son is now 7.5 months and loves his little table. He is still getting the hang of standing, but crawls right up to it and likes to play on his knees with his toys on it. I think this was a great idea for babies/toddlers to start walking, it gives them confidence and they can play weather just learning to crawl up to it, just learning how to walk with it to already knowing how to walk and using it for there table. I love this thing Thank you Shannon for Letting Benji have this experience.

    • Editor
      Editor says:

      Dear Nicole,
      We thank you so much and are so happy to hear the great responses! We hope that people in the future will be able to experience the same things you and little Benji did too with the Little Balance Box!

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