We are here to help you in making the decision on which Little Balance Box is best for your child!

Step 1: Make sure your child is ready to use the Little Balance Box. We know that every child moves at their own speed, which is why we have developed this checklist to determine if your child is ready to start using the LBB.



If your child has completed all these steps, let’s move on to Step 2!


If your child hasn’t quite hit all 3 marks yet, that’s okay! We STRONGLY recommend waiting until your child can hit these skills before trying out the Little Balance Box.






Step 2: Determining Child’s Height 

We have broken the Little Balance Box’s by height. The easiest way to determine which Little Balance Box will be the best fit for your child is to grab a measuring tape.

If your child is 30 inches or smaller, we recommend purchasing the Original Little Balance Box (12in).

If your child is between 31-33 inches tall, we recommend the Tall Little Balance Box (14in.)

If your child is taller than 33 inches, then we recommend purchasing the Aluminum Little Balance Box (16in).

*If your child is between 31 inches or taller, we have the Aluminum Bundle available for purchase which includes a set of 14″ and 16″ legs that are interchangeable as your child grows.


Email us at info@littlebalancebox.com if you have any other questions or concerns. Once you’ve purchased the Little Balance Box, head on over to see the best way to Introduce the LBB to your child.