About Little Balance Box®

As a practicing Physical Therapist and mother of two I felt there had to be a safer and more natural way for children to move from sitting to standing and walking. I watched my second child attempt to use both seated and push walkers and noticed several deficiencies. The seated walker severely restricted her movement and inhibited her natural transitions between sitting, standing and walking. On the other hand, she had trouble reaching the handle bar of the push walker, which interfered with her transition to a standing position. Moreover, once she achieved a standing position controlling and maneuvering the push walker with the single handle bar and fast moving wheels proved extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous. With these problems and limitations in mind I began to tinker with various forms with the goal of creating a walker that enables a child to move naturally through the transitions from sitting, standing and walking. A year later the Little Balance Box™ was born!


The Little Balance Box is unique with an ergonomic design, wide open base and stable square shape. Designed to optimize a child’s gross motor development by allowing for natural unrestricted mobility. The square top allows children to use their hands and/or forearms in a variety of positions and from any direction to maximize stability and develop balance.


The Little Balance Box is the only (No Wheels) baby walker that safely allows your child to naturally transition from kneeling to standing. As the child leans on the top surface the springs compress creating increased resistance and drag on the feet. This allows for stability during transitions for the Little Balance Box to remain with your child instead of moving forward.

Push and Walk!

The Little Balance Box safely moves with your child across various floor surfaces such as carpet, tile, and wood. With the nylon spring feet, your child will not move too fast on tile and wood surfaces, as commonly seen with wheeled walkers. The Little Balance Box provides only the natural stability your child needs while learning to walk.

  • Eco-Friendly Product

    Little Balance Box is made from sustainable bamboo.  Clear polycarbonate top and nylon feet are BPA and PVC Free!!  Non-toxic custom made screws.  All materials meet or exceed the safety testing for the USA, Canada and Europe.

  • Independent Natural Mobility

    Parents and caregivers, tired of bending over to help your child walk?? The Little Balance Box™ allows a child to independently coordinate and move their whole body in various directions and positions to maintain optimum balance and confidence while learning to walk.

    No Seat Support – The no seat feature allows a child to freely move into a variety of natural positions. Children can coordinate movement between their upper and lower body, which promotes development of gross motor skills, balance, coordination and other sensory systems of the body.

  • Ergonomic Design-Less is More

    • Clear top – allows a child to see their legs and feet helping them develop coordination
    • Exciting drum top – clear polycarbonate top produces a percussive sound when a child taps or hits it, which teaches cause and effect
    • Square top shape – allows maximum surface area for a variety of hand/arm positions from any direction and the raised frame lip provides grip during transitions
    • Design – creates a large base that increases stability while maintaining a small footprint. All corners are rounded so there are no sharp edges.
    • Dynamic floating feet – up and down movement provides sensory input to develop coordination in muscles and joints
    • Contoured nylon feet – glides easily across level carpet, wood and tile flooring without damaging the surfaces
    • Rounded ergonomic top boarder – fits easily into a child’s hand making it easier to maneuver

Meet the inventor

Head shotDr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT is a mother of two girls 4 and 8. Doctorate and Masters degrees in Physical Therapy.  She is a MOVE ™ International Trainer for Adults and has been working for over 14 years providing specialized services to children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in schools, day programs and home settings.  Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT is the CEO of Inspiration Physical Therapy Inc., which provides therapy consultation services and Inspire Create LLC. which is the parent company of the Little Balance Box™. She also participates in a variety of client advocacy activities at the local and state levels and philanthropic causes.