Congratulations! You’ve purchased the Little Balance Box. We’re here to help guide you on how to introduce the Little Balance Box to your little one.

Skill Check: Demonstrating a variety of motor and mobility skills. In and out of sitting. Maintains good head control and balance. Movements of the arm are smooth, not shaky. Coordinated crawling using the arms and legs. Able to control movements and move back to seated position.


Sitting: Start by tapping on the top. This draws the attention to the drum sound of the clear top. Move the Little Balance Box back and forth to demonstrate to the child that it moves when pushed.


Kneeling: Kneeling is a critical position used for transition. The top is a perfect height to hold and place toys. Assistance may be needed for new walkers as the child practices moving. \

Standing to Walking: Start with hands-on support for new walkers. Provide help with maneuvering and pushing until the child gets the hang of it. Begin to decrease assistance and start to shadow once arms and legs are lined up well and are stable. A great way to encourage walking is to show a child a toy and encourage them to walk toward it.


If you have any other questions, you can contact us at Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT